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Subscription changes

Calendar November 26th, 2016  Hour 1:52  Category Site News

It’s been only 4 days but I have to come forward and admit that the subscriptions were a complete failure. To make it work I would have needed hundreds of subscribers per month to compensate for the loss of ads/filehosts revenue. And it would be expected that most of those would come in the first few days. Well in the first day 4 people subscribed, in the second 2 people and in the third… zero.

So yeah, Scnlog will return to the old model with 3 filehosts to everyone (probably Nitroflare, Uploaded and UploadRocket) and, of course, your beloved ads (I know you will use adblock though). But people who wish to donate to the site will also be offered with links to fast filehosts (Openload, Filecloud, ClicknUpload, etc…) and no ads. It will also be cheaper at €2/month, €5/3-months and €8/6-months. I had a donation page before but since there was nothing offered in return I only got one single donation in 2 years, so hopefully this will give a bit incentive for everyone. I will contact the people that have already subscribed and offer them either full refunds or additional months to their current subscriptions.

I hope this will leave most people satisfied.


  • Yay says:

    Good news! I will try to donate as much as possible for all your hard work, thanks!

  • Aya says:

    “server’s costs and other minor expenses” = “hundreds of subscribers per month” * 4 EUR (that’s your initial 1-month subscription plan).
    For a site that hosts just scene releases’ d/l links (that’re usually expired because they’re never tracked and reuploaded). It’be more fair to say that you live exactly in Zimbabwe and manage to earn for the living just by running this site.

  • one eyed jack says:

    Wish there was an easier way to donate than Bitcoins though. It’s not for me, they’re such a major hassle to aqcuire and so many potential problems. Had there been a one-click method like Paypal, I’d donate $10 in an instant and regularly after. But yeah, from what I’ve read, Paypal has been the downfall for many because it’s always traceable in some way.

  • downloader says:

    I think you made the right choice.
    now…on to DOWNLOADING!

  • dukey says:


    I for one will be donating

  • att2 says:

    Good news!
    I shall donate too.
    Keep up the good work. I still love SCNLOG. <3
    And yes I was one of the guys paying …. 🙂

  • suh due says:

    Any self-respecting pirate, especially one calling himself one eyed jack, should have a treasure chest full of BTC!

    Thank you Mukki for coming to your senses!

  • anonymouscoward says:

    Good news and smart move

    There is another way to bypass tracking. Make a fake ebay sale (including paypal) of x amount of products, take the payments and no trade needed

  • Name says:

    What can you guarantee if I turn off my ad blocker on your site?

    How long will you stay?
    How long will you upload to and offer links?
    How complete will your listings be?
    How fast will you offer the newest releases?

    What can you guarantee if I turn off my ad blocker on your site?
    This is an honest question. Awaiting your reply…

  • Name says:

    PS: Just turned off my ad blocker on your site. So far, no ads seen, yet.

    Awaiting your reply to my former question.

  • Name says:

    PS2: The day/night switch rocks!

  • Name says:

    PS3: Just realized that your listing isn’t complete anymore as it used to be.
    E.g. MAXON.CINEMA.4D.STUDIO.R18.MULTI.HYBRID-ISO is missing on v1 site, only the smaller rip releases from XFORCE are available.

  • Dave says:

    Really Think.. Mediafire/ zippyshare would be good on here.

  • PanDa says:

    I would like to donate but only if there will be an easier method than Bitcoins.

  • Replica says:

    Great news everyone! The current setup works well for me, and the improved music categories are very welcome. The only thing I’m missing is a way to search for group releases (using a “-” in the search makes it a logical NOT search).

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