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Welcome to the Feedback page which serves the same purpose as it did in the old Scnlog and it’s the best way to “talk” to the admin. You can make your suggestions, complaints or requests here, preferably in a polite manner. If you are making a request for a scene release make sure it’s not too old. Don’t ask for re-uploads of stuff that was taken down to DMCA complaints.

Since we are in the beginning, there are probably some errors I didn’t notice. I’m mainly interested in releases that are in the wrong categories. If you spot one, please let me know.


  • Rocky_Rococo says:


    In The.Talos.Principle.MULTi15-PROPHET there are three broken files, ppt-tc15.004, ppt-tc15.012, ppt-tc15.028. I do not know if they were broken when Prophet released it, or if they were broken before you packed them. But those three files are broken.

    Is it possible for you to upload good copies of these three broken files?

    Thanks in advance!

  • says:

    @Rocky_Rococo sorry about that, I added the faulty files to the post.

  • Rocky_Rococo says:

    Thank you!

  • gilteon says:

    What’s with the duplicate releases with “.1” appended to the names?

  • 873107292 says:


    what’s screenshot tool?
    what’s file info tool


  • Ponk says:

    When will the “PDA” section start working for real?
    There is a lot of cool Android apps and stuff…. 🙂
    Definitely the weak part of the site.

  • says:

    @gilteon, a mistake on my part resulted in some releases to be processed again.

    @873107292, it’s called movie thumbnailer.

    @Ponk, actually there haven’t been many PDA releases from the scene lately, you can check any pre database.

  • Ponk says:

    Oops, sorry, I forgot you do scene only….
    But hey, perhaps you should think about adding P2P stuff as well….


  • Autron says:


    could you please upload the following Ebook releases?
    They were all pred today.

    Thank you very much 🙂


  • Jazz says:

    Links in Uploadrocket are broken. It says “This direct link will be available for your IP next 4 hours” but there’s no link.

  • says:

    @Jazz can you give me an example please?

  • wizotoo says:

    @Jazz uploadrocket has 2 alternative themes on different sites if the link that should be at the bottom right of the screen after the captcha is missing then its the alternative theme there will be 2 buttons “premium download” and “free download” so click on the free download button to download

  • Chavvy71 says:

    Any idea where the go4up links have gone?

  • says:

    @Chavvy71 they are back now. Yesterday there was some kind of problem at their end so I had to swap them for Openload links.

  • just me says:


    Part 5 is missing 🙁

    Tia if you could fix that 🙂

  • says:

    @just me, I think that release has only 4 parts.

  • and me too says:

    Hi, everything alright with the games section? There’s not been any updates for some days, perhaps 10+ PC games are missing. You’re the best resource on the net for me, I’m not complaining, just curious.

  • stressed says:

    Can’t download from uploadrocket today.

  • just me says:

    ==> Monday, 16th January 2017 at 22:48

    Part 5 is missing 🙁

    ————– says:
    Tuesday, 17th January 2017 at 01:11

    @just me, I think that release has only 4 parts.


    Nope.. i downloaded this perfectly, but when extracting it asks for part5.rar….. 🙁

    Maybe the release is wrong then? 🙁

    Anyhow, thanx for the fast answer.

  • just me says:


    I looked into release Part1

    It was release part 2 🙁

    I have my missing part-5 …

    Stupid blue monday ….

    Problem fixed !

  • says:

    @TestABc, it’s working fine, the problem lies with that validator which fails at the SSL handshake. You can try the feed directly in your browser (Firefox is better) or using a different validator.

  • Se7en says:

    Hi guys, thought this would be fixed by now…. Your feeds aren’t working anymore with my feedreader (RSSOWL) and I get this error message by the feed validator:
    Server returned [Errno 1] _ssl.c:504: error:14077438:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:tlsv1 alert internal error
    I think this is since the beginning of 2017. They ARE working within my browser but I like to use “my owl” to receive feeds…would be fine if this could be fixed. THX 🙂

  • Se7en says:

    uppps, NOW I read the comment above from yesterday… okay so no feeds from you within my RSS Reader 🙁

  • BxNDY says:

    Hi, could you please post these TV series (most of them are foreign) ?



    Thank you very much, any of them will be nice 🙂

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