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Welcome to v2!

Calendar November 17th, 2016  Hour 22:42  Category Site News

So this is the new! Take a look around and use the comments or the feedback page to tell me what you think. If you don’t know what’s going on, check the new changelog or the goodbye post on the old Scnlog. Your reactions were pretty much all negative as I expected, some were even kind of funny with some very ridiculous accusations. Anyway, I just ask you to give this new version a chance and if it doesn’t work out, well… we’ll see. 🙂


  • downloader says:

    so far everything works good,i will only use the site as a none registered user.(i didn’t see the need to add my comment in the ‘goodbye’ thread)
    as long as there is a way to freely download i’ll be comming back. 🙂
    i’m not sure it the fact that i was able to download without registering is intended,or if it’s a bug due to the move,or even if it’s only temp situation and will only be available for the transition period while v2 is become fully operational.

    as always best of luck,and thank you for sharing.
    anyway my first comment on v2.

  • John says:

    Dude, your price points are out of wack. Needs to be lowered for sure. When the gov’t legalizes marijuana, they don’t price it higher than it’s available on the street, because people will keep buying from their dealers. In this case, you’re competing against sites that offer the exact same thing for free. If you expect to compete with free, you are definitely going to need to charge less. You may think 4 euro a month is reasonable, but I can assure you, that is high when free is readily available so many other places. Cut it in half and you *may* have a chance of making a go at it. Still doubtful, but better than no chance.

  • Golem says:

    #2 I dont know why you think 4 eur is that much when myself and a lot of people are paying 10 eur / month for a uploaded premium account and a single theater ticket goes for about 15 bucks in my area. And u would need lots of sites combined to match what scnlog offers unless Im missing something. Can u tell me what site is that?

  • CallMeMaster says:

    finally music is sorted by genre, the best new feature congrats!

  • MisterEd says:

    Nice job but the windows apps still includes some game rips

  • kamana says:

    Good luck with your site, but you asking for donations. Everyone can not do that. Many forums like – offers for free.
    Just my thinking 🙂

  • GrimReaper66 says:

    whilst we would all like stuff for free, €10 every 3 months is not a lot for what is on offer.

    For those moaning that charging won’t work when you can get stuff for free, true but the sites offering untouched scene music are becoming harder to find what with google restricting search results. The prices suggested are small in comparison to what people will waste money on (smoking, drinking, gambling?).

  • r00t says:

    Why not just keep it like it was in v1 for non paying visitors ? + ads +no free hosters +no other special premium functions ?
    Must be some way to seperate the links, and wrap the free hoster links, as well as the ads removing up in some members only code.

    Premium only the whole site, will likely turn it into a link graveyard, and result in 100 times the effort required to reupload links going offline, especially the free hosters, for a fraction of the visitors the site used to have.

  • says:

    @downloader, yeah as I said in the goodbye post it’s only temporary while I fine tune the site.

    @John the problem is that I don’t know how many people will subscribe. I don’t want to get any profit, I just need the site to pay for itself. And yes I think 4 eur is reasonable, it’s just 13 cents/day – unless you live in Zimbabwe or some place like that. Over the years I paid from my pocket much more than that just to keep the site running and all I got in return was angry messages in my inbox mail. But I’m totally okay with lowering the price depending on how many people subscribes, if possible I could lower it to just 2 or even 1 eur/month no problem.

    @MisterEd it’s because the scene releases those as 0day, do you guys think it fits better in the Games section?

    @r00t that’s actually not a bad idea, I might just do that.

  • Ricardo says:

    the style in music channel, it’s very good. Thanks! \o/

  • downloader says:

    @scnlog, leaving only nitroflare as the the only available option for NON REGISTERED users AKA ‘free downloaders’ is a death sentence to your site.

    best of luck with that.

  • blahblah says:

    Site gone to shit now. Time to move on

  • CallMeMaster says:

    #12 no need to warn us, just leave…

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