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Calendar November 28th, 2016  Hour 11:29  Category Music | Metal

Release: Until_We_Die-Before_the_Decay_of_Time-BONUS_TRACK-WEB-2016-ENTiTLED
Size: 109.82 MB

Genre: Metal

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Track list:

1. Until We Die – A Tragedy Unfolds
2. Until We Die – Bereft of Life
3. Until We Die – Countdown to Extinction
4. Until We Die feat. Dan Watson – The Conquerors
5. Until We Die – Before the Decay of Time
6. Until We Die – The Final Symphony (Instrument
7. Until We Die feat. Guillaume V – Distorting of Perception
8. Until We Die – As Fear Became Reality
9. Until We Die – Forsake the Fallen
10. Until We Die – King of the Dead
11. Until We Die feat. Rok Rupnik – Silence in Solitude
12. Until We Die – Ethereal Epiphany
13. Until We Die – Daimonas (Bonus Track)


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