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Calendar November 22nd, 2016  Hour 6:12  Category Music | Jazz

Release: Bud_Powell-The_Scene_Changes_(Rudy_Van_Gelder_Edition)-WEB-2007-MOHAWK
Size: 111.72 MB

Genre: Jazz

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Track list:

1. Bud Powell – Cleopatra’s Dream (Rudy Van Ge
2. Bud Powell – Duid Deed (2003 Digital Remast
3. Bud Powell – Down With It (Rudy Van Gelder
4. Bud Powell – Danceland (Rudy Van Gelder 24B
5. Bud Powell – Borderick (Rudy Van Gelder 24B
6. Bud Powell – Crossin’ The Channel (Rudy Van
7. Bud Powell – Comin’ Up (Rudy Van Gelder 24B
8. Bud Powell – Gettin’ There (Rudy Van Gelder
9. Bud Powell – The Scene Changes (Rudy Van Ge
10. Bud Powell – Comin’ Up (Alternate Take) (Ru


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