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Calendar October 19th, 2016  Hour 21:50  Category Music  

Release: Bliss_Team_-_Best_Of_Bliss_Team-PROPER-WEB-1999-iDC
Size: 122.17 MB

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Track list:

1. Bliss Team – People Have The Power (Dance M
2. Bliss Team – Love Is Forever (Progressive M
3. Bliss Team – Hold On To Love (D.J. Molinaro
4. Bliss Team – You Make Me Cry (Main Mix)
5. Bliss Team – Go! (Club Mix)
6. Bliss Team – Living On A Prayer (1995 RMX)
7. Bliss Team – How Can We Survive (DaVanilla
8. Bliss Team – You Take Me Up (The 70’s hybri
9. Bliss Team – With Or Without You (Roberto M


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